Another Spectacular Voyage with Adventure Sun Valley

There is nothing more thrilling than to enjoy the rewards of a TEAM that performs with such prowess, skill and absolute warmth, that the guests marvel and want to share their personal experiences on TripAdvisor.

It’s apparent through the comments you’ll find on a portal such as TripAdvisor, that many guests become very fond of the personable guides that hosted their trip, who worked hard to provide fun, friendly adventures throughout their entire dream vacation. Hand picked by owner and outfitter Bradley Frei, Adventure Sun Valley guides just have that spirit and charm that make kids wake up to new perspectives and skills they never thought possible, and also give adults and even seniors the courage to push the envelope and try new experiences. Our Adventure Sun Valley guides are THE BEST and bring out the fun in every trip down the mighty Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

A few of the gentlemen you’ll meet on an ASV trip are LEAD GUIDES who have been loyal to the Adventure Sun Valley pampered camping experience for a decade or more. High caliber individuals like Eli Kretzmann and Luke Manifold are the glue that, together with leadership skills and solid character, are responsible for showing their guests a whitewater wilderness adventure they never forget.

With that said, we’d love to share a very recent review with our audience out in the world, to shine a light on the experience and a few helpful insights you will gain (in the words of one of our beloved guests):

This review posted two weeks ago by Chicklit1965 on Trip Advisor, offers well written insights for vacation planners who wish to embark on a white water rafting trip in the Frank Church Wilderness on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River:

Another spectacular voyage with Adventure Sun Valley by Chicklit1965

I just returned from another spectacular voyage down the Middle Fork with Adventure Sun Valley. This was my third trip and my second year in a row with ASV. Brad Frei, lead guide Eli Kretzmann, and their professional, personable crew continue to exceed expectations with first-class service, gourmet fare, and top-notch amenities in a magnificent wilderness setting.

One of the trip highlights this year was witnessing the total solar eclipse in Stanley, ID, our group’s meeting point before flying to the Indian Creek launch site. What a fantastic, ethereal first-day bonding experience for our eclectic group, which ranged from a young couple on their honeymoon to a group of seniors celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary.

As I’ve sung Adventure Sun Valley’s praises to my friends via social media, many have expressed interest in this kind of trip, but worry that they aren’t young or athletic enough to participate. Fortunately, there are many options: inflatable “ducky” kayaks for the more active thrill-seekers; a paddle-catamaran those who want to join in the fun but leave the steering to the pros; and guide-manned oar boats for folks who’d rather just soak up the scenery, catch a fish, and relax.
For people who enjoy the outdoors and camping, this is truly a pampered “glamping” experience without the customary hassles of planning, setup, meal-prep and cleanup.

  1. Expect to get your hands dirty. This is first-class camping but it ain’t the Ritz, folks! At the end of a long day on the river, you will arrive at camp where tents, private toilet facilities, hot showers, and fireside chairs have been set up ahead of time. Each guest selects a tent and assembles his/her own cot so guides can start cooking dinner sooner, but they are MORE than happy to assist with cot setup if needed. The aluminum cot poles might have a little residue, but multiple hand-washing stations are provided so it’s really a non-issue for most people. 
  2. You will likely get wet and stay that way for at least a couple of hours, even if you’re on an oar boat when it’s 90F and sunny. FOLLOW THE SUGGESTED PACKING LIST. Quick-dry clothing, fleece, and a waterproof rain jacket/pants should minimize any discomfort. 
  3. Let’s face it, the communal toilet known as the “groover” will be a deal-breaker for some would-be rustic campers. While a private, peaceful, sanitary facility is provided at each stop, there’s an “ick” factor that just can’t be avoided. (Pro tip: it pays to visit the groover early in the morning!) 
  4. Be sure to leave room in your travel budget for a generous guide gratuity. Around 18% of the total trip cost is the *industry standard* for multi-day, premier rafting trips. For a group of four, that’s about $1700, or roughly $10/person/day to each guide. Adventure Sun Valley guides are highly trained professionals who take their jobs very seriously, as they are responsible for guests’ round-the-clock safety and comfort. Tips (checks, cash) are collected by the lead guide upon takeout in a very low-key manner … absolutely no pressure at all but most guests are more than happy to generously demonstrate their appreciation to such hard workers.

As a Florida native, I’m drawn to the breathtaking Frank Church Wilderness because it offers a rugged landscape so completely different from the subtropical flatland I’m accustomed to. This year’s personal challenge for me was to hike to the top of Johnson Peak (elevation 4800 feet, an 1800-foot climb in less than an hour). Next time, my goal is to bring even more friends and family to experience the Middle Fork with ASV while I master the ducky.

Thanks again, Adventure Sun Valley, for another fun and memorable trip!

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