Customized Adrenaline

Do some of the members of your family or group want to get more action and stimulation than others?  Not a problem!

With our “customized adrenaline” service, we’re able to work with each of our guests specifically to make sure they get exactly the kind of perfect balance of adrenaline rush compared to a little bit calmer experience.  For example a family might have a couple of teen boys who are high energy and want the adrenaline rush, but the mother might be a little less comfortable with the river and wants a less action packed experience.

Adventure Sun Valley has the perfect combination for mixed adrenaline groups.

We can customize your experience by the time of year you plan your river adventure, by the type of boats you ride in and also by the kind of activities you engage in.

We’re the only outfitter that has the cata-raft. It’s a paddle raft that is a whole hunting, surfing beast of a machine for those who want that adrenaline rush on the whitewater. It’s fun and exciting.

For those who like smoother, calmer, peaceful and joyful experience, you just ride in the oar boat where the guide does all the work,  and its super cool, and super easy.  It’s an easy enjoyable ride.

For others who are active and seek high adventure, there are lots of really fun activities along the way that provide lots of adrenaline packed action:

We’ll swim a few rapids too for those who want the big action such as at Hospital Bar.

We engage in cliff and rock jumping; Marble, Funsten, Pool Creek

Waterfall Creek – if the water level allows, we crawl down through the waterfalls behind the boulders, and then you slide down a ten foot slide, walk out onto a 30 foot rock and jump into your boat.  But its only when there’s a certain water level. If there’s too much water you can’t do it.

So if you have a mixed group where some are more adventurous than others, no problem.    Some people can take a hike, crawl up a mountain, compete with guides in all kinds of fun games and contests, or others might choose to read a novel, take a nap, or sit quietly on a hill or in one of many natural hot springs and observe the natural beauty of the Wild and Scenic river.

No rules, just a customized adventure to whatever level of adrenaline you’re suited for.