Family Groups Bond, Connect & Have Fun Together on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Kids Make a Whitewater Wilderness River Adventure Extra Special!

Our guides are literally half-kids at heart themselves and take tremendous pride in teaching everything there is to know about the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.   

From paddling techniques, reading the water, looking for wildlife, exploring nature on hikes, and above all, being safe every step of the way, are all lessons that children really enjoy.

Nothing evokes wholesome family fun, togetherness and the importance of time spent bonding between parents and children, like a whitewater wilderness vacation on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with Adventure Sun Valley! 

If you find your children are obsessed with their devices, even when you go on a family vacation to visit gramma and gramps, or trip to a resort or Disneyland,  and find it difficult to connect as a family group, because they are so inclined to stay in touch with what is going on in their digital world, we’ve got a great idea on how you might be able to change course and give them a taste of a different kind of summer vacation that exceeds every kids imagination: A whitewater adventure on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  

The physical world dominates and digital device separation will cease to be of concern

There may be a sense of fright or flight or what is often termed a “digital separation anxiety” when they find out that their devices won’t work during the 6 days and 5 night adventure, but do not worry.   Once we get them on the river in a raft or paddle boat, those earlier fears literally melt away.  Kids really get into the fun of learning about the present world around them while on this exquisite wilderness river adventure. They learn from the guides about what to see, what to do, and the various techniques that give them more control on the river.  Before long,  kids enter into discovery mode, something new and profound takes precedence, and the world around them becomes the fodder for great fun, instead of the devices or virtual games.  It can be life changing for some kids.  They’ll  gain new perspectives,  and are more aware of their physical surroundings than they ever would have if never being presented the opportunity to experience a wilderness whitewater adventure.

Parents enjoy personal rewards too!

Not only do the kids earn their personal rewards, but parents do too.   The challenges you may have experienced as a parent to break through those obsessive patterns (that they may even be learning from behaviors they’ve witnessed between you and your own digital devices) often  melt away when the river, the wilderness, the beauty, the family connections and enchantment of the experience alone, leaves an indelible impression on their mind, body and soul.   It’s a beautiful thing.

As the parent, you get time to relax and enjoy all of the fun while spending quality time with your kids, or taking a nap while the kids are having fun with the guides on a hike to see pictographs from the Sheepeater Indians who was an ancient tribe that settled along this majestic river.

Our guides do all the heavy lifting, setup the tents, cook and serve the meals (which are, by the way, really yummy and chef inspired), so you can feel pampered by the peace & solitude of your time away from the routines of normal life.

Mid to late summer, before school starts, is a great time for younger children in the 5 to 8 age group.  The water flows have slowed to a lovely level and the sun is warmer and feels so good to play in the water or sit in a natural hot springs at camp.

A transforming adventure in Idaho’s Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness with your kids and even extended family members like gramma and grandpa, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews  is so much fun, you’ll treasure the memories created and your relationships can transform into closer bonds that give the entire family a refreshed view of the ordinary world you return to.

Call Brad at 208.507.1012 to check on available launch dates and begin that conversation to craft a different kind of summer vacation for your family, and that can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!