Pampered Camping – The ONLY way to experience the Middle Fork of the Salmon River!

If you’re like most people and you heard someone say, “I just spent an entire week on a camping trip in middle of nowhere and it was an amazing experience, and I was Pampered the entire time”, you might not believe them. Well…let us share a little more with you!

At Adventure, we pride ourselves in offering an experience and level of service unlike any other you’ve heard of! This isn’t your average float trip, but rather a PAMPERED CAMPING experience or the “You Don’t Lift a Finger Service”!

So what is Pampered Camping?

Let’s start with the food… Often times when you go camping, the food isn’t one of the highlights of the trip. Visions of bean and weenies or freeze dried rations often comes to mind when one thinks of “camp meals”. But, that’s not the case with Adventure Sun Valley! Each day of your trip features a full breakfast, lunch and dinner that include meals such as Campfire Grilled Jumbo Prawns, Grilled Black Angus Flat Iron Steaks w/Herbed Compound Butter or our famous Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls. Each day we feature a new menu, so there are no repeat meals. If you’re curious at what our river menus look like – check out our DAY 1&2, DAY 3&4 and DAY 5&6 menus! Oh, and did we mention all your food is prepared by our amazing staff? That’s right, once you arrive at camp, a cold drink and gourmet meal will await!


When we say “You don’t Lift a Finger”, we mean it! Our goal is to make your trip as enjoyable and fun as possible and leave the work and setup up to us. Before you depart, our staff is one step ahead working to setup your camp and prepare your meals for when you arrive. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy floating down the Middle Fork of the Salmon river, which flows through the Frank Church Wilderness area, 2.367 million acres and is the largest contiguous federally managed wilderness area in the United States outside of Alaska.

When you arrive at your fully set up camp, find your tent, grab a hot shower (yes, you read that correctly!) or pull a chair over to the warm fire and enjoy an appetizer! After a delicious guide-prepared meal, most guests linger around the campfire sharing stories, stargazing, playing games and soaking up the magnificent scenery.

We don’t want to give away all the activities you’ll experience on your trip, but each day is filled with fun stops at natural features along the way, fun activities at each camp and a whole lot of fun and relaxing! Our goal is to create an experience you and your friends and family will never forget.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is a Tripadvisor review from Abbey G, one of our 2018 guests:

To put it simply, taking a trip with Adventure Sun Valley down the Middle Fork is a once in a lifetime experience. Each and every facet of the trip is carefully thought out by the guides; from the meals (I’m talking about lasagna and carrot cake made via a Dutch oven) to the mini-stops along the river (bridge jumping, cliff jumping, hikes, hot springs, you name it), to the innovative camping experience (tents that are set up and ready, showers at your desire) – this type of outdoors experience is the best of its kind. 

One of the greatest aspects of this vacation is that it can be uniquely catered to everyone’s personal desires. If you’re a huge outdoors person and live for thrills, you can sleep outside, inflatable kayak through whitewater, and jump off awesome cliffs. On the other hand, if you’re someone who hardly considers camping a vacation, you can have three course meals every night, a clean shower, sleep in a wonderfully sheltered tent, and sit and relax every day at the front of an oar boat, simply taking in the beautiful protected wilderness scenery. 

Finally, one of the greatest components of the trip is the sense of community that it provides. If you want to come on the trip with your family of ten in order to bond, you definitely will. But don’t be surprised if you leave the Middle Fork feeling like the guides and other trip members that you just met now feel like family, too. There is nothing to craft a greater sense of community than a week spent talking, laughing, adventuring, and resting on one of the most scenic rivers in the world, without cell service or Internet connection. Whether you enter into this trip knowing nobody or coming with your entire family, it is assured that you will make connections and memories with others that will last for a lifetime. 

When we rafted out of the Middle Fork and saw some semblances of civilization, a feeling of unexpected sadness washed over me; I knew that I was about to get off of the river for good, leaving nights of sleeping under the stars and back-flipping off rafts and laughing with friends around a campfire behind me. But, honestly, I know that I will never forget and will always be grateful for the experience I had, and this is all thanks to ASV and its awesome staff. If you’re considering booking a trip – do it. You won’t regret it, and don’t be surprised when you eventually have this same feeling of sadness that I had as you raft away from the Middle Fork with some extraordinary people and some awesome memories, wishing that you could do it all over again. (And maybe, if you’re really lucky, you will!)

We hope to see you soon and experience this amazing playground with ASV!