The Middle Fork Salmon River – A Wilderness Gem

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River stretches 104 miles through Idaho’s Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness in Central Idaho. Many people consider it the greatest wilderness whitewater river in the World. The Middle Fork of the Salmon’s 100 miles of free-flowing, crystal clear water is  located within  the largest federally protected wilderness area in the continental United States. The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is one of the best of our nation’s protected Wild and Scenic Rivers and was one of the original rivers designated in 1968! The U.S. Forest Service carefully protects this treasure, issuing a limited number of permits to experience this amazing place.

The Middle Fork is formed by the confluence of Marsh Creek and Bear Valley Creek at the southern end of the wilderness near Stanley, Idaho. It starts at around 7,000 feet in elevation to the north, picking up speed as it drops 3,000 vertical feet and tripling in volume as more tributaries add to its flow. The Middle Fork’s whitewater rapids are world renowned. There are more than 300 raftable rapids, most that are class III and IV rapids. That means you experience an amazing ride and rush of adrenaline worthy of the most adventurous thrill seekers, no matter your age or ability, while you’re completely safe under the watch of our experienced, trained, professional guides. We give you the perfect blend of excitement and comfort.

Along your trip down the Middle Fork, you will experience wilderness like never before! Our 6-day float trips allow you to see some of our countries most pristine wilderness. One of the highlights are the 6 natural hot springs. Our favorites are Sheepeater hot springs – located a half mile off the river and Hospital Bar hot springs – with it’s two iconic pools right next to the river.

As for wildlife, it’s not uncommon to look up and see an eagle or Osprey soaring over head. The river is teaming with Cutthroat and rainbow trout and the occasional Mountain Whitefish – truly a fishermans paradise, so don’t forget to pack your fly fishing equipment!