The Middle Fork Salmon River is truly one of America’s finest multi-day kayaking rivers. If you’re a hardshell or inflatable kayaker we’d love to have you join us. You can bring your own boat, rent a boat or use one of our inflatable kayaks. In every case, our experienced guides will provide you with a strong lead while receiving the same Pampered Camping™ experience we offer all of our guests. We take care of all logistics, camping and cooking equipment, hauling of gear and unbelievable gourmet meals. In fact, camp will be set up and waiting each day with a fire going as you get out of your kayak. Your only job is to focus on your amazing vacation!

When should you come? For the adventure seekers, early June offers the exhilarating rush of peak level water as the snow recedes in the high country and exciting flows can last well into July. For a slower river experience with plenty of time to surf waves, work on your skills or just enjoy the solitude of the river, try mid- to late- summer. We will work with you to assess your skills, our shuttle driver can pick up your rental boat, and in every case our experienced guides will be there to provide you with strong guidance and assistance every step of the way. Check out our launch dates and pricing.

How Does Your Skill Level Match the Middle Fork?

If you have a reliable river roll and are very comfortable running Class III water, you will find the Middle Fork of the Salmon River enjoyable at June flows. This time of year would compare to the skills required to run the Lower Yough, the Cheat and New at lower levels or the Ocoee, Wenatchee and South Fork of the American, Little Falls or Mathers Gorge of the Potomac at medium flows. If not, consider coming in mid- to late- summer when conditions are more mellow and you will have plenty of opportunity to play in your boat, surf great waves and improve your skills.

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What Type of River Is The Middle Fork?

The Middle Fork is typical of a Western River. The upper section starts as a boisterous mountain stream with continuous gradient of over 50 feet per mile. Unlike Eastern rivers that may have a heinous drop requiring solid boat control and a pool at the bottom, the Middle Fork in spring is a continuous Class II wave train with forgiving features. A few Class III rapids with must-miss holes are interspersed.

The middle section of the Middle Fork sees the river mellow out a bit. The gradient decreases and the river widens out. A few signature rapids, many with great surfing spots, appear. For the most part however, you can drift in your boat with an occasional paddle stroke to change your view of the scenery.

As the lower section of the Middle Fork enters Impassable Canyon the river becomes more constricted in the manner of many desert river canyons. Many drops are not formed by gradient, but by constriction. Powerful eddy lines and fun reactionary waves dominate the river. As always, our guides will be there to provide you with strong lead throughout the trip.

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Our amazing trips feature gourmet food and a hot shower along with our “You Don’t Lift a Finger Service” ! At the end of each day, you’ll find a welcoming camp to greet you after a fun day on the river. The camp will be ready with tents, chairs, fire circle, toilet facility, hot shower and wash stations. Land on the beach, select your tent and a guide will deliver your bag so you can lay out your warm sleeping bag, change your clothing and settle in for the night. When you’re ready, join the group for appetizers, cold drinks and a warm fire … or if you prefer, relax in your tent, read a book or explore the area. After a delicious guide-prepared meal, most guests linger around the campfire sharing stories, stargazing, playing games and soaking up the magnificent scenery.


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The information and materials provided below will assist you in planning your amazing Idaho wilderness vacation.


All trips are 6 days / 5 nights, full service and include Free Boise Airport Shuttle service before and after your trip. We are the only outfitter to provide this service!

SEASON 1 – Maximum Whitewater

$2,200 / person
• May 30
• June 8

SEASON 2 – Peak Season

$3,200 / person
• June 17, 26
• July 4, 12, 20, 28
• August 5, 13, 21

OPTIONAL – Dedicated Fishing Boat

$1,250 / person (requires two people)
• Available June thru August

SEASON 3 – Late Season

$2,700 / person
• August 29

SEASON 4 – Fall Cast & Blast Adventures

$3,800 / person
• Begins September
• Limited to 10 guests (with everyone in a boat dedicated to fishing unless otherwise arranged)
• Fly Fishing & Chukar Hunting (tailored to your group)

NOTE: Dates are the same EVERY year except trips in September, please contact us for 2022 and 2023 pricing

Pricing Notes

  1. All trips include free shuttle service to / from Boise Airport before and after the trip in our private, air-conditioned motor coach. We are the only outfitter to provide this service!
  2. Prices vary due to seasonal demands and boat options only, not in service or quality of adventure. Boat options can change the guide-to-guest ratios and restrict the numbers of guests on any launch.
  3. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 assume shared use of paddle boats, oar rafts and optional inflatable kayaks. If you want to use just one type of boat, let us know and we will make arrangements, if possible.
  4. Fishing Boat Upgrade Option in Seasons 2 and 3. Guests may choose a Guaranteed Fishing Boat with a professional Fly Fishing Guide for an additional charge of $1,250 per person (double occupancy required). While we have a dedicated Fall Fishing Season (Season 4), fly fishing is usually fabulous during all seasons except Season 1 (high water runoff). You can fish on all our trips, but if you‘re a serious fisherman, consider upgrading to a dedicated fishing boat.
  5. Season 4 guests get a Guaranteed Fishing Boat and professional Fly Fishing Guide.
  6. Guests are welcome to kayak or row their own boats on any trips. Please call to discuss details. We are happy to provide shuttle services!
  7. Prices do not include a $4/person/day Federal Recreation Enhancement fee.
  8. Conditions may require a possible flight into launch site on the river (approximately $150 payable directly to the air charter company) from late July through end of the season (and earlier during low-water years).

Guest Cancellation Policy: Because of the limited number of seats we are permitted to sell due to river management regulations, we cannot offer to take the financial loss associated with guest cancellations, even for emergencies. For this reason, in the case of a guest cancellation, deposits and payments are not refundable for any reason. We strongly suggest purchasing trip insurance. We are happy to transfer your seat to an alternate guest at no charge.


All trips include shared use of our oar rafts, paddle boats and inflatable kayaks, unless otherwise arranged.

Oar Raft – Let the guide row and enjoy the ride
Paddle Boat – Paddle a boat while a guide steers
Inflatable Kayak – Be the captain of your own boat

Guaranteed Fishing Boat

If you want to fish all day, every day, this is the choice for you. This boat is specifically designed for fishing and you will have a dedicated fishing guide to provide you with a world-class fishing adventure. Guaranteed fishing boats require advance notice.

Fishing Boat – This option allows maximum flexibility enabling you to leave camp early and arrive at camp late.

Advantages Of A Dedicated Fishing Boat

  • Is a lighter 14’ AIRE maneuverable rubber boat, enabling you to go places you never considered, scraping over ledges and rocks
  • Rubber is extremely quiet, an advantage to fishermen and wilderness lovers
  • Is customized with two mounted seats and a hard floor
  • Has a clean frame, to help keep lines untangled
  • Is operated by a dedicated fishing guide
  • Carries no gear, so you can leave camp earlier, arrive later, and linger at good fishing holes

Unlike a drift boat, two fishermen can comfortably fish at the same time in our AIRE fishing boats. They are more comfortable than any other fishing boat on the river, seats have high back support, there is a hard surface suspended floor to stand on and leg rests to lean against while casting. While all our guides are excellent, only the very best operate our dedicated fishing boats. This boat MUST be booked in advance of your trip.

Note: These boats cannot always be used on Cast & Blast trips because of the gear needed (guns, dogs, etc.), we will be happy to discuss any of your questions.

Our Trip Reference Materials Can Assist You In Planning Your PERFECT Middle Fork Adventure!