launch dates & prices


All trips are 6 days / 5 nights, full service and include Free Boise Airport Shuttle service before and after your trip.
We are the only outfitter to provide this service!

NOTE: Prices are per person. Dates are the same EVERY year except trips in September, please contact us for 2024 and 2025 pricing.

Pricing Notes:
  1. All trips include free shuttle service to / from Boise Airport before and after the trip in our private, air-conditioned motor coach. We are the only outfitter to provide this service!
  2. All trips are 6-days / 5-nights and FULL SERVICE!!
  3. Prices vary due to seasonal demands and boat options only, not in service or quality of adventure. Boat options can change the guide-to-guest ratio and restrict the number of guests on any launch.
  4. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 assume SHARED use of oar rafts, paddle boat and inflatable kayaks. If you desire exclusive use of any one type of boat, let us know in advance and we will make arrangements, if possible. There may be price adjustments.
  5. Trip deposits are $1,000 per person and must be received within 15-days of receiving reservation paperwork to confirm the reservation. Trips not confirmed with a deposit within 15-days can NOT be guaranteed.
  6. Prices do NOT include:
      • Guide Gratuity (the standard recommended tip is 20% of the total trip value)
    • Fishing or Hunting Licenses
    • Hotel Accommodations
    • Flight to Alternate Launch Site
    • Charter or Private Flight Costs
    • $4/person/day Federal Recreation Enhancement fee
  7. In the rare situation circumstances beyond ASV’s control should prohibit temporary access to the river (e.g., weather, fire), guests are responsible for the cost of any additional night’s hotel accommodations.
  8. When conditions require it (usually, but not always, in late July), guests will board a small air taxi in Stanley and fly to an airstrip downriver. The cost of this flight is set annually by Gem Air and will be collected prior to the flight, playable to Gem Air.
  9. Row Your Own Boats & Kayaks are welcome on the river and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements for transporting your boat from Stanley to Boundary Creek, where we launch. When conditions that make it necessary to fly to an airstrip downriver (which generally occurs in late July, but is unpredictable) and your trip launches when such a condition occurs and you are bringing your own boat or kayak, it will be necessary to either fly your boat to the river or meet the guides “up to two days” prior to the launch date so they can transport your boat on the water to the fly-in site. Guests are responsible for the cost for flying their boats. 
  10. The Forest Service “strictly prohibits” guests from accompanying guides on any portion of the river above the airstrip when trips start at a downstream site. 
  11. Fishing boat upgrade option in Seasons 2 and 3 is available with advance notice for an additional cost. Guests who do not reserve a dedicated fishing boat are welcome to fish from an oar boat in many sections of the river.
  12. Fall Sportsman Adventures in Season 4 include a dedicated 2-person boat for fishing and/or hunting.  
  13. Variances in prices are due only to seasonal demands and boat options, not in service or quality of the adventure.
  14. Guest Cancellation Policy: Because of the limited number of seats, we are permitted to sell due to river management regulations, we cannot offer to take the financial loss associated with guest cancellations, even for emergencies. For this reason, in the case of guest cancellation, deposits and payments are not refundable for any reason. We strongly suggest purchasing trip insurance. We are happy to transfer your seat to an alternate guest that you provide at no charge. If for ANY reason, we are able to resell your seats at the same price – we will allow you to roll to another trip on the same or another year for a $250 processing fee per seat. In this instance, guests would be responsible for the price difference on seats rolled to a higher priced trip in the same or another year.
Travel Insurance

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that all guests consider purchasing optional Travel Insurance to protect your trips non-refundable costs if you can no longer take this trip due to covered unforeseen events. Many Travel Insurance plans include trip cancellation and interruption coverage, baggage loss protection, emergency medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage. Remember most insurance companies require that you purchase Travel Insurance within 10 – 14 days of making a deposit payment. 

You may purchase from the company of your choice (Adventure Sun Valley does not provide travel insurance), but some options are listed here (you can also find many other insurance company options through an online internet search):

      • Travel Guard (800) 826-4919
      • Travelex (800) 228-9792
      • Allianz (866) 884-3556


All trips include shared use of our oar rafts, paddle boat and inflatable kayaks, unless otherwise arranged.

Oar Raft

Let the guide row and enjoy the ride

Paddle Boat

Paddle a boat while a guide steers


Be the captain of your own boat

Guaranteed Fishing Boat Option

If you want to fish all day, every day, you may opt to upgrade to a dedicated fishing boat. This boat is specifically designed for fishing and you will have a fishing guide to provide you with a world-class fishing adventure. Guaranteed fishing boats require advance notice.

Fishing Boat

This option allows maximum flexibility enabling you to leave camp early and arrive at camp late.

Advantages Of A Dedicated Fishing Boat

  • Is a lighter 14’ AIRE maneuverable rubber boat, enabling you to get closer to prime fishing spots
  • Rubber is extremely quiet, an advantage to fishermen and wilderness lovers
  • Is customized with two mounted seats and a hard floor
  • Has a clean frame, to help keep lines untangled
  • Is operated by a dedicated fishing guide
  • Carries no gear, so you can leave camp earlier, arrive later, and linger at good fishing holes

Unlike a drift boat, two people can comfortably fish at the same time in our AIRE fishing boats. They are more comfortable than any other fishing boat on the river, seats have high back support, there is a hard surface suspended floor to stand on and leg rests to lean against while casting. This boat MUST be booked in advance of your trip.